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Loneliness is all too common among single gay men. Studies have shown it impacts our physical and mental health profoundly; not sharing our deepest feelings can cause stress and depression. Many gay men long to find their life companions, but in the face of major challenges, that dream can seem far too remote.

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  • To significantly increase the chance of finding your husband!
  • To find 8 essential steps for finding the right partner, based on real-life experiences shared by gay single andmarried men.
  • Their stories will help you identify common patterns that prevent you from finding that special someone. You’llalso learn how many couples have stayed together for decades, with insights into why their relationships last.
  • When there’s a will, there’s a way! …But there are also times to let go of the past, to grow emotionally andspiritually. With this book, you’ll discover new rules for breaking old patterns and finding the husband/partnerwho’s right for you.

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How to significantly increase the chance of finding your husband/partner by using the “Rules to Find Your Gay Husband.” Learn how to take charge of your life and make it happen!

  • Step no. 1 – Let go of your old patterns and create new ones
    The first step is openness. Take a deep breath and just imagine a new blueprint to help you move forward. Embrace change!
  • Step no. 2 – Be completely honest with yourself
    Define who you are and make the changes required to attract the person you want. Leave you baggage behind. Reinvent yourself!
  • Step no. 3 – Re-prioritize your needs
    Life changes and so do we. Re-prioritize your wants and needs based on who you are today. Get real!
  • Step no. 4 – Build a robust supporting system and use it!
    Build emotional muscle by gaining support. Seek others who understand you and can advise you on how to grow and thrive. Be prepared!
  • Step no. 5 – Understand the power of proximity
    Distance matters. Locate the right pool of potential husbands. Identify, aim and fire. Focus and take action!
  • Step no. 6 – Master your dating skills
    Learn new skills. Think about the conversations you’re having and the questions you should be asking. Be proactive, not passive!
  • Step no. 7 – Choose your man wisely
    Read signs, watch for red flags, and think clearly.Analyze actions more than words. Look closely!
  • Step no. 8 – Don’t be complacent
    Learn from others how to nurture a long-lasting relationship. There will be challenges and compromises. But it’s also rewarding. Enjoy it!




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